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Taghazout Bikes Rentals

Are you planning a trip to Taghazout and looking for a fun and eco-friendly way to explore the area? Look no further than Taghazout Bikes Rentals! Here’s what you need to know:

  • Location: Taghazout Bikes Rentals is a locally owned bike rental store located in the beautiful coastal village of Taghazout, Morocco.
  • Bike options: Taghazout Bikes Rentals offers new generation bikes that are perfect for exploring the mountains and coastline of Taghazout. They also provide an extra battery with each rental for their e-bikes.
  • Convenience: You can easily reserve your bike rental online through their website, and they offer hotel delivery for added convenience. If desired, they can also provide a local guide to show you the best spots to explore.
  • Positive reviews: Taghazout Bikes Rentals has received positive reviews on TripAdvisor, with customers praising their friendly service and high-quality bikes.

Whether you’re an experienced cyclist or just looking for a fun way to explore Taghazout, Taghazout Bikes Rentals is a great option to consider. So why not rent a bike and hit the road on your next trip to Morocco?

The most popular bike routes in Taghazout

Taghazout Bikes Rentals
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Taghazout, Morocco offers a variety of bike routes that cater to different preferences and skill levels. Here are some of the most popular bike routes in the area:

  • Taghazout Bay Area Highlights: This route takes you through the alleys of the village, famous surf spots like Anchor Point, and other places around the village. You’ll also ride along the Corniche near the sea and visit the neighboring villages.
  • Taghazout Village and Surrounding Neighborhoods: This route is designed to help you discover the best of Taghazout, from its wonderful landscapes of Taghazout Mountains to the beauty of the ocean. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the hidden parts of Taghazout, including the mountains and the heart of Taghazout Hills.
  • Tamri to Essaouira: The main road through Taghazout leads north (N1) to Tamri and eventually through to Essaouira. This route offers a scenic coastal ride with beautiful views of the ocean.
  • Off the Beaten Path: If you’re looking for a more adventurous and cultural experience, consider a bike tour that takes you off the beaten path to discover ancient ruins and the warm hospitality of the local Berber community. This type of route allows you to explore the cultural and historical treasures of Taghazout while enjoying the benefits of sustainable travel.
  • Mountain Biking in the Argan Tree Forest: For those who enjoy mountain biking, a tour through the Argan tree forest is a must-try. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful landscape of the Argan tree and the view of the ocean in Taghazout Bay.

Whether you’re interested in exploring the village, the coastline, or the mountains, Taghazout has a bike route that will suit your preferences. So, rent a bike from Taghazout Bike Rentals and start your two-wheeled adventure in this beautiful Moroccan village.

Discover Taghazout

Taghazout is a small Berber fishing village located 19 km (12 mi) north of the city of Agadir in southwestern Morocco. Here’s a description of Taghazout:

  • Geography: Taghazout is situated on Morocco’s Atlantic Ocean coastline, offering beautiful views of the sea. It is surrounded by the western foothills of the High Atlas Mountains, providing a stunning backdrop for the village.
  • Demographics: The inhabitants of Taghazout are mostly of Berber origin, contributing to the village’s unique cultural heritage.
  • Economy: Fishing, tourism, and the production of Argan oil are the main sources of income for the village. In recent years, tourism has been increasing in importance to the local economy, with Taghazout becoming a popular surfing destination.
  • Attractions: In addition to its beaches and quality surf spots for all levels of surfers, Taghazout also attracts visitors looking for calm and tranquility away from more visited destinations such as Marrakech and Agadir. The village serves as a convenient base for various activities, including day trips to Paradise Valley, visiting Argan oil factories, camel riding on the beach, yoga retreats, paddleboarding, and kayaking.
  • Taghazout Bay: Taghazout Bay is a seaside resort located in South Morocco, adjacent to the village. It is part of the Moroccan national tourism strategy ‘Vision 2030’ and is expected to provide the implementation of 8,000 beds (5,800 hotels) with closer and more environmentally friendly tourism development, known as the “Taghazout eco-resort”.
  • Blue Village: Taghazout is one of Morocco’s blue fishing villages, characterized by its blue and white color scheme and its connection to the sea. The village’s houses, doors, windows, gates, and even dustbins and flower pots can be painted in blue, creating a unique and charming atmosphere.
  • Accessibility: Taghazout is easily accessible, located only 20 km north of Agadir. Visitors can take local buses from Agadir to reach the village, making it a convenient and affordable destination to explore.
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