Surf Expo 2023

Taghazout Surf Expo 2023

Surf Expo 2023

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  • Surf Expo is a premier watersports and coastal lifestyle tradeshow that serves as an industry launchpad for retailers to discover new and innovative product lines.
  • The event features more than 730 exhibiting brands and offers a platform for brands to test retailer appetite for newness.

Surf Expo September 2023 Edition

  • The recent Surf Expo 2023 September edition showcased various launches and innovations from participating brands.
  • Liberated Brands made a statement by demonstrating its readiness to compete in the market6.

Shoreline at Surf Expo 2023

  • The debut of Shoreline at Surf Expo during the September 7-9, 2023 edition enhanced the buying experience for both watersports and outfitter retailers.
  • Shoreline at Surf Expo Taghazout featured products dedicated to technical advancements and innovation in the industry.

Key Features of Surf Expo 2023

  • Premier watersports and coastal lifestyle tradeshow.
  • Industry launchpad for retailers to discover new and innovative product lines.
  • More than 730 exhibiting brands participate in the event.
  • Offers a platform for brands to test retailer appetite for newness.
  • Debut of Shoreline at Surf Expo enhanced the buying experience for both watersports and outfitter retailers.

The benefits of attending Surf Expo 2023?

Surf Expo is the largest and longest-running watersports and beach lifestyle tradeshow in the world, offering a variety of benefits for attendees. Here are some of the key benefits of attending Surf Expo:

  • Identify new trends and products: Surf Expo provides an opportunity to see new trends and identify new products in the watersports and beach lifestyle industries. The show features thousands of products ranging from surf and skate hard goods and branded apparel to better resort wear, swim fashions, and footwear, as well as value-priced resort items, souvenirs, and coastal gifts.
  • Establish new business relationships: Attending Surf Expo allows retailers to establish new business relationships with exhibitors and connect with like-minded brands rooted in surf, travel, and adventure. The show attracts more than 9,500 retail storefronts and 1,000 manufacturers from around the world, providing a platform for networking and conducting business.
  • Renew old friendships and connections: Surf Expo is also a place for retailers to renew old friendships and connections with existing accounts. The show’s vibrant and award-winning marketplace creates a conducive environment for reconnecting with industry peers.
  • A complete buying experience: Surf Expo is a proven marketplace where more than half of the attendees write orders during the three-day event. The show offers a range of products, including surf, skate, boutique, swim, footwear, and coastal gift items, providing a complete buying experience for retailers.
  • Qualified and diverse buyer base: Surf Expo 2023 pre-qualifies and badges all attendees, ensuring a high buyer-to-exhibitor ratio and attracting diverse buyers from the Caribbean, Puerto Rico, Central America, and the East Coast. This diverse buyer base presents cross-over market opportunities for exhibitors.
  • Valuable tools and support: Surf Expo 2023 provides valuable tools and support for exhibitors, including a full-time Buyer Relations team, attendee pre-registration information, and a free Lead Retrieval app-based software for scanning badges and downloading contact information for follow-up marketing.
  • Opportunities for media coverage: Surf Expo is open to qualified trade and consumer-focused media outlets, providing an opportunity for exhibitors to gain media coverage and exposure for their brands and products.

The most popular products at Surf Expo 2023?

The most popular product categories at Surf Expo 2023 include:

  • Surfboards and wakesurf: Surf Expo 2023 is the oldest and largest surfing industry tradeshow, featuring a comprehensive collection of surf products such as boards, sunglasses, boardshorts, juniors’ apparel, footwear, and fins. Exhibiting brands in the Watersports section of Surf Expo include HAYDENSHAPES SURFBOARDS, Carver Skateboards, and POP Board Co.
  • Coastal lifestyle brands: Coastal and beach-related categories have been in high demand in recent years, and Surf Expo offers the largest wholesale source for top surf and streetwear apparel, premium coastal lifestyle brands, and resort lifestyle products. The show has the largest collection of swimwear, boutique, resort, coastal gift, souvenir, and footwear products under one roof. Exhibiting brands in the Coastal Gift & Resort section of Surf Expo include 4ocean, Brixton, Carve Designs, and Manhattan Beachwear.
  • Surf and streetwear apparel: Surf Expo 2023 features a wide range of surf and streetwear apparel brands, with exhibitors such as Billabong, Hurley, O’Neill, Quiksilver, Rip Curl, Roxy, and RVCA. The show is a platform for retailers to discover new and innovative product lines, and it attracts diverse buyers seeking fresh products for their shelves.

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